As a Biometric Documents Consultant, we are the world's widest specialists in second passport or residency planning. We are assisting our clients in searching the right services for their needs and consulting them through all legal possibilities and valid programs.

Here you find currently available services for acquiring alternative second citizenship and ultimately legally obtaining a second passport, Buy passport online, Private cards, Student cards, Canadian cards, International cards; We also arrange certificates such as Marriage certificates, Divorce certificates, Adoption certificates, Birth certificates, Custom certificates, Death certificates, Baptism certificates, Buy passport online, Trade Skill certificates; You can get one-stop solutions for diplomas and degrees such as College degrees, G.E.D. diplomas, High School diplomas, Home School diplomas, University degrees; Some additional services also exist in our list including Voice chargers, Social Security, Validation of SSN Number, Driver License Search, Spy Products, Invisible Ink, Listening devices, Background check.

Benefits of obtaining Second Citizenship Program or Permanent Residency

While you are going for obtaining a second citizenship program or permanent residency solution, you can take all the below benefits. Get your second citizenship and passport now, we will be happy to serve you.

  • Tax planning optimization and asset protection
  • Healthcare, education, and security- Better quality of life
  • Protection against political or economic instability in your local country
  • Secure life for family and business
  • More freedom and flexibility to travel
  • Ideal Overseas retirement