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Divorce Certificate.

A divorce certificate is the court’s ruling and final judgement order that marks an end to a union between a man and a woman officially.We are able and capable of providing you with a divorce certificate be it genuine or fake one depending on you the individual. Use any of our means of contact at Biometric Documents for any query regarding the divorce certificate.

Marriage certificate.

A marriage certificate is an official documents provided by a competent authority that binds a man and a woman into a union. Its also serve as proof that you are legally married to a man or a woman. Our establishment also has the capacity to issue you with a real and fake marriage certificate.

High School Diploma.

a high school diploma is a north American academic school leaving reservation given upon high school graduation. The high school diploma is normally studied for over the course of three to four years, usually from grade 9 to grade 12. Have you been vying to obtain one of this diploma for your self without having to under too much studies? we can issue you with a genuine and a fake copy at Biometric Documents. You can reach us out through one of our means of contact.

G.E.D Diploma.

The G.E.D or high school equivalent certificate portrays that you have attained a certain level of knowledge equivalent to a high school graduate. The full meaning of G.E.D, General Education Development or General Education Diploma. The G.E.D is also an international recognized test. The G.E.D is like the holy grail, something that you are dying in need of but cant have it or very rare to come by. If you want to get this said documents without having to go through studies or rather through a hectic process, You can contact us at Biometric Documents an obtain a genuine copy for your self.

GED Test Score.

Each GED subjects test is scored on a scale of 100-200 points. To pass the GED you must earn at least 145 on each of the four subject tests, for a total of at least 580 points out of a possible 800. You have to pass each subject test individually, so a 580 is only good enough if it means you got 145 on each section. To help you pass through all the test score, we at Biometric Document can use our experience and expertise to navigate you through the entire process. You can reach us through one of our contact means for further clarifications on the same.

College degree.

There are 2 comprehensive types of undergraduate college degrees: Associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree. The standard amount of time that it takes to earn a degree is 2 years for an associate’s degree and four years for a bechelo’s degree. To easily obtain one any of this degrees without having to go through all the years, we at Biometric Documents can use easily navigate you into securing you with a verified genuine copy. Contact us for more verification and clarification.

University Degree.

You can easily acquire a genuine and verified university degree through our net work at Biometric Documents.They do exist a good number of openings in some of the most renowned countries around the globe. Most especially the EU as in European union, USA Canada UK Australia Japan, South Korea, China etc and a host of others with any holder of the said degree.You can directly contact us through one of our contact means for further inquiries on the same.


We can get for you a genuine attestation from competent government authority through our net work in some rather very prominent countries around the world. Are you looking to get one for your self? you can reach us through directly at Biometric Documents for further investigation and clarifications.


The multiracial English language testing system, or better still call it IELTS. It is a global systematize test of English language expertise for non national of English Language speakers. It is together run by the British Council IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge evaluated English, and was habitual in 1989. We at Biometric documents are able and capable of navigate anyone vying and craving for an IELTS test or documentation.You can reach us directly by any of our means of contact and let’s work it out for you. We offer legit and credible documentation which can be tested if any doubt.

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